Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal Ottawa

Remove Cigarette and Tobacco odours from your home!


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One of the hardest odours or smells to get rid of in your home is tobacco smoke odour. The reason for this is it gets inundated in your walls, floors, carpets, upholstery and ceiling as well as into any cracks for crevices.

Cigarette smoke odours are one of the top reasons for home buyers to lose interest in a home they are viewing.

It is estimated by local real estate experts that a home can lose 30% of its value if it has been regularly smoked in.

Ottawa smoke odour removal services


We can fix all odour issues, including cigarette smoke odors. We are Ottawa’s #1 Choice!

OHSG Cleaning Services is the solution to your problem as we are odour control technicians that have the skill, expertise and products to permanently  remove these unwanted odors in your home.

We can control and remove the indoor air quality, along with the residue that is left in your ceilings, walls, floors and furniture as well as your duct work.

Services include:

  • Air purification with HEPA 500 AIRSCRUBBERS
  • Odour neutralization in hard to treat areas such as ceilings and cracks, and garages using fogging
  • Ozone Generator Use
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Total wash down of all surfaces with odorcides to remove the smell
  • Painting with a resealing paint if needed
  • Total restoration services

Landlords and Realtors take note! We can solve your problems and have your homes sold or rented quickly by taking care of the odour problems!

If you have a home that needs to have cigarette smoke odours removed, we are the company to call! 613-276-8667 Call anytime and we will fix the problem PERMENANTLY!


Pet Stain Removal, Cat and Dog Urine Clean-up Ottawa


Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Services, Ottawa, Ontario

Our four-legged friends are truly part of the family. But just as they are cute, cuddly and affectionate… they also can cause a lot of grief when they have “accidents” on our carpets.

When these situations arrive, it is really important to call a professional carpet cleaning service in Ottawa that specializes in Odour control and pet stain removal. The Ottawa Home Services Group are experts in Cat urine and dog urine removal.

Pet urine and feces, as well as vomit contain blood borne pathogens that if not treated will rapidly grow bacteria in your carpets. This bacteria will fester and cause odors that are NOT treatable with store bought enzymes.

They must be dealt with by a professional using the right products, procedures and with the training in order to achieve the results that you will be expecting.

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Is Our Specialty

Pet urine removal Ottawa

Dogs and Cats are very sensitive to harsh chemicals that many carpet cleaners use in the Ottawa area. Ammonia and strong solvents can cause your pets grief and make them ill. With OHSG,  we use completely non-toxic cleaning solutions that are still equally as effective as the harsher non-green products that the majority of steam cleaning services Ottawa has working within its city.

Our products smell fresh, light and clean. You will love the refreshed look and smell to your rooms and furniture. Our method to furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning is a combination of encapsulation and steam cleaning.

This allows your furniture and upholstery to be very deeply cleaned and at the same time, not being completely soaking wet.  This means a lower moisture cleaning than steam cleaning alone, and faster drying time.

Book your carpet and upholstery cleaning right now!

We are always ready for your call or email. Call us today at 613-276-8667. Visit our main page to view our other services including house cleaning, duct cleaning and much much more.

Air Scrubber Rentals, Negative Air Machines in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa’s best prices for Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines

Air scrubber Rentals Ottawa

Ottawa Home Services Group (OHSG) has Ottawa’s best selection of Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines. We feature the DefendAir HEPA 500 Air scrubber.

Air scrubbers are also known as negative air machines. This piece of equipment is invaluable to the contractor who is looking for a way to keep their drywall dust or construction dust down. Many clients are very happy to know that you would be using an air scrubber as it will drastically reduce their needs for post construction cleaning. In addition to dust, it also is HEPA rated and can be fitter with ducting if need be.

Air scrubbers/Negative air machines can also be used in restoration jobs when dealing with Mould/mold Remediation or Asbestos removal as it will completely filter the air and maintain a safe environment both for the client as well as for the workers.

Negative Air Machines For Odour Control

negative Air Machine Rentals Ottawa

Another great use for Negative air machines or Air-scrubbers is for odor control. The HEPA 500 can have a carbon filter added for odour control use. The carbon filter will remove VOCS, Paint Fumes, Mould and Mildew smells as well as increase air flow in stagnant areas. It moves over 30000 cubic feet per hour through it’s filtration process.

The HEPA 500 is light weight, versatile and has a small footprint so it is usable on in every situation and every job.

For more information or rent one of our Air Scrubbers , Negative Air Machines Please call us directly at 613-276-8667

Ottawa Hoarding Clean Up Specialists, OHSG

Ottawa Hoarding Cleaning

Ottawa Hoarding Cleaning Services, including Junk Removal and Sanitation

Hoarding in Ottawa is a very common occurrence, in fact it is a statistic that on average 5% percent of the population actually has one form of hoarding issue varying in different stages. This is actually a staggering number and is often a shock to the loved ones of those who have the issue of hoarding or junk collecting.

There are very serious consequences to this problem, and it should be dealt with as an issue of great urgency as the residents at the location of the hoarding site are at serious health risks that can actually be fatal.

Histoplasmosis, Hepatitis, Mould, Viruses, tetanus, and blood poisoning are some of the few of the health risks not to mention the structural damage that is often occurring to the home.

Another huge problem with hoarding is fire hazards due to large quantities of paper, as well as the ability to exit the residence due to entrances being blocked with piles of debris and junk.

OHSG are the top Hoarding remediation company in Ottawa. We have the resources, the manpower and the training to deal with any and all hoarding cleanups in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our pricing is fair, and we offer complete support from start to finish.

We realize it can be a traumatic situation to deal with for family and friends, please know we are there to help and ready to make a difference.

To book a hoarding cleanup consultation, please call us directly at 613-749-1234 or contact us through our contact form here.

Your Dream Home is a reality, with OHSG the top ottawa general contractors

Home renovations are exciting. Here are some great tips on how to get exactly what you want, and how to relay that information properly to your contractor.

First step is to decide what you want, color scheme, and of course your budget. This can give you the framework for what is realistic.

The next Step is to contact a minimum of 3 Ottawa General Contractors and compare services and prices. Please note, it is very important when comparing prices to compare apples to apples. It is easy to have a lower price, if the quality of the product, for instance granite or quartz is of lower quality, different colors, and different cut. This will make a huge difference in the final pricing.

The final step is to agree to the plan, and to sign an agreement to get started. Most contractors will ask for a deposit to start work and secure that things are agreed upon. For most jobs over 1000 a normal deposit is 40%

Ottawa Kitchen Renovations


Communication is the key to success, establish the best method to get updates and who your contact person is.

When work is being done in your home, it’s always exciting to see the progress and know how things are coming along. The problem with some companies simply put “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”. This can lead to frustration and overall lower customer experience.

With the Ottawa Home Services Group, we believe in making the whole process as transparent as possible for you the client. Our administration staff is here to serve you daily and will receive updates daily on all of the projects and can supply you with information either by email or phone.


Choosing a higher quality product sometimes may seem like you are paying more, but in the long run you will save money and be a lot happier.

There’s a saying…

 “It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money—that is all.  When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot—it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

This is also very true when dealing with any service related business like Ottawa home renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations or granite countertops. You always have a lowest bidder, but in almost every case you get what you pay for.

Ottawa general contractors


But I do want to stop here and make a strong distinction between the Ottawa Home Services Group and our competitors. We do have a distinct advantage in our pricing, especially in the Ottawa Granite field because we are suppliers not just installers.  Our granite comes from Brazil, and has the most beautiful colors and is by far the highest quality.

Because of our huge resources, we can do anything under our own roof which saves you the client money and time. We don’t outsource, so our quality control is much higher. So rather than deal with several different Ottawa general contactors


For more information about Ottawa General contractors or Granite Countertops, please visit our link at or call us directly at 613-749-1234




Ottawa home cleaning Services with OHSG, green, safe and natural

Looking to make life easier with Ottawa home cleaning services?  OHSG is your best choice!

Ottawa home cleaning


Green and Natural Cleaning Services is what we are all about. Read more about some great ideas on how to keep your home clean, green and safe for your family and pets.


OHSG is Ottawa’s most comprehensive and thorough cleaning service. We offer green cleaning, but even taking another step further and offering the most natural cleaning Ottawa has ever experienced. We actually make our own cleaning products using products like borax, lemon essence and chalk paste. With over 8 years in the green home cleaning industry, our style of customer service, along with our attention to detail allowed us to create the most incredible home cleaning company.

Why Ottawa home services group makes sense when choosing your house and home cleaning services.

The reason that OHSG is now the top of the Ottawa Cleaning industry is due to is huge resources available. For instance, our house cleaning crew is also trained in upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning.  You could for instance, have you house cleaned and have your couch and love seat cleaned at the same time. Spot and stain removal in your carpets. Even have your mattresses cleaned and sanitized with our unique hybrid method of encapsulation combined with steam cleaning. We are the cutting edge of Ottawa cleaning companies.


Combine our home renovation services with our cleaning services, and enjoy a quick post renovation cleanup.

Most of our clients that have their homes renovated, usually ask that our house cleaning crew do a post construction cleaning. This gets their home back in order quickly. We are able to provide dust control using our air scrubber rental service so that the airborne particulate gets removed and doesn’t get a chance to settle on your surfaces and furniture.

Another great idea would be to have your ducts cleaned after any renovation project, this will improve your indoor air quality and prevent issues with construction dust. Also having your carpets cleaned by our expert carpet cleaning division is usually recommended as well.


For more information about Ottawa home cleaning services provided by OHSG, please visit or call us directly at 613-276-8667



INDOOR AIR QUALITY, how Ottawa duct cleaning and HVAC SERVICE CAN HELP

Ottawa duct cleaning

Probably time to have your ducts cleaned. Click here for more info

The quality of air in your home can dramatically affect your well-being. Here are a few recommendations on what can be done to improve your indoor air quality.

There are quite a few tell-tale signs that your indoor air quality is in need of some TLC. One of the first things you will notice is that there seems to be more dust in the air and on the surfaces of your furniture. Another is to look along carpets where the walls meet the floor, if you notice a black line along the edge as well as under doors this is filtration soiling and is another sign that you may need duct cleaning.

Excessive allergic reactions, sneezing and watery eyes along with frequent colds are signs that your indoor air quality may be poor and you need to do something about it. With OHSG (Ottawa Home Services Group) we can certainly help your situation.

Here are the  steps to improve your air quality in your home and to maintain it.


duct cleaning Ottawa

Do you know what are in your ducts?


Usually the first step is to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned by a reputable Ottawa duct cleaning service like Ottawa Home Services Group. Including in our duct cleaning is an inspection of your furnace and HVAC system along with some great suggestions on how to make things a lot better in the home, regarding air filtration and air flow.

Another very important thing is to change your furnace filter regularly. This is something so many people overlook, but the results are very apparent. If you keep your filters clean, you keep your duct work clean. This in turn will result in much more efficient air flow, a reduction on electricity and heating costs, and will be less stress on your HVAC systems overall.  This way you save money and your family’s health all in one step.

Finally starting with a clean slate by having a deep clean including a 2 day rental of our HEPA 500 air scrubber will ensure that your home is completely dust free and you can breathe easy.


To book your Deep cleaning,  HVAC service and repairs or the best duct cleaning Ottawa offers,

simply call us directly at 613-749-1234  or visit our contact page at


Ottawa GRANITE countertops and Quartz Countertops

granite countertops ottawa

Click here for more information on Granite and Stone products

 Here are some tips on how to choose the most exquisite Ottawa Granite countertops, as well as quartz and other popular stone materials.


When viewing and searching out Ottawa Granite countertops, there is an abundance of different supplier and installers. So how does one choose the best place to find quality  granite countertop in Ottawa?

First things first, not all granite is created equal. Depending on where it comes from, there will be a variance of the mineral composition that will result in different colors, quality and desirability.  Brazil is notably one of the best places in the world for producing the most desirable and beautiful granite. Many countries ship granite back to their factories so they can process and finish it. Even granite producing countries buy granite from Brazil. Here at the Ottawa Home Services Group we use Brazilian granite for our kitchen countertops and our bathroom counters. We want to give one the best, and we start by working with the best. Our polishing process is so fine that you don’t even need to re-seal it every year like some of the lower quality granite from China.

It’s important to note that the cut, thickness of the slab and quality of the stone makes a big difference in the final cost of the countertop. If you are comparing prices, you really have to compare equal quality products in order to really see what kind of value you are actually getting for your  dollar. This will make it a lot easier to compare when searching for Ottawa granite countertops.

Shown below is a quick video clip of a granite countertop being cut.

[stream provider=video base=x:/ flv=granite.mp4 embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=true responsive=16:9 /]


To book an appointment with one of our granite experts, please call us today and we will give you an in home consultation on your granite needs or any other home renovations you may require.

Ottawa Granite countertops

Thank you for reading this post on Ottawa Granite Countertops, and how to book an a free consultation with the Ottawa Home Services Group.