Granite Care For Countertops

Below are a few guidelines on how to keep your granite counter tops appearing like new.

Home owners are often upgrading and remodeling their kitchens with breathtaking granite which is equally long-lasting and beautiful at the same time adding in an increase of worth to their homes. Of all of the stones on the planet Granite is the 2nd most durable, 1st being diamonds. Granite can easily stand up to the heat from sizzling pots and pans or any other hot utensil in the kitchen area because it is produced from molten rock. Granite features an extremely hard surface area, resistant against nearly all kinds of damage and is also low maintenance to care for.

No two pieces of granite, within the exact same place in the world, in the exact same colours are ever identical. Every slab features distinct mineral components and require distinctive forms of attention. The provider which you acquired your granite through really should provide you with customized after care guidelines for each of the distinctive slabs.

A properly mounted granite kitchen counter top really should serve you for a life-time, for this reason granite comes across as high-priced material to acquire, but comes with a life-time guarantee.

For granite kitchen counters it’s recommended that you have a polished finish to the surface area. This is simply to make it easier for the consumer to clean and maintain its elegance. You can find sealants to prevent discoloration which you can use on a regular basis as part of cleaning. Correctly looked after polished granite assures continuation and refinement of the materials being used.

There’s also a finish known as a ‘honed’ or flat finish, this can be very engaging towards the eye however it’s not advised for kitchen area use. Over durations of time you’ll encounter areas that will require giving attention to and may divert from the beauty of natural stone.

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Despite the fact that granite is an extremely durable material, the polished finish needs to be maintained correctly. This can be achieved with providing attention daily to what’s being placed on the surface area. You shouldn’t utilize granite to be a surface area for cutting or chopping, be sure you work with a cutting/chopping board to avoid scratching.

Additionally avoid putting acidic food items, for example lemon juice, carbonated drinks as well as vinegar directly to the surface for a period of time as they are able corrode the surface. It will only damage the polish because it is much more delicate compared to the actual granite. Make use of a little bit of tepid to warm water with PH balanced dish washing liquid to clean the surface area as opposed to using abrasive cleaning products.

To prevent other damages to the finished surface it is wise not to drag pots, pans as well as any other kitchen items or kitchen appliances across the surface because, even if there’s a grain of salt under them, it might result in a scratch. Although the granite is extremely hard, the minerals which it is made up of can be very soft and delicate, and this is how granite counters can become scratched, chipped or broken along the grain.

Diamond polishing equipment are being used by the stonemasons to bring about the glistening finish that you will get with a polished finish. It isn’t a coating upon the surface area that is applied to create this effect, so for most granites every year a penetrating sealer ought to be employed suggested from your provider. Never ever use a harsh or abrasive solvent or a stone sealant because this will harm | hurt the finish and strip the counter top. You may however polish the surface to help keep it shimmering.

Not all damages to the polished granite need to be remedied by a specialist, it can easily be carried out by the home owner themselves. In case a scorching pot leaves a dark grey-black spot all you need to do is employ a fine steel wool or when it’s an adhesive like texture and consistency that’s the problem on the surface, then using a credit card or a single side razor blade will quickly scrape it off. If however the issue is more serious obtain a specialist to do the repairs.

Granite is elegant, appealing and captivating. It has strength and beauty and when properly cared for it will last a life-time and that’s why it’s the favored natural stone for kitchens, giving warmth and personality in the diverse colors available.