Post Construction Clean-up services in Ottawa

After all of the work is done, you need a post renovation cleaning to complete the process and start enjoying your beautiful home.

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The Ottawa Home Services Group is known for their complete and total cleaning services. These services also include post construction cleaning, or often termed post renovation cleaning.

After construction and remodeling is done in your home, it can be a very daunting task to begin to clean up all of the dust and debris caused by all of the work done. This layer of dust gets everywhere, and often is overwhelming to the senses.

Not to fear, our extremely skilled and experienced cleaning crew will have your home back in shape in no time flat. With our advanced tools and equipment, we can eliminate the post construction dust, and drywall residue that is on the surfaces as well as the airborne particulate.


What is, or can be included in a post construction cleanup?

Post Construction Cleaning services in Ottawa

Most post construction clean-ups involve cleaning the surfaces as well as the indoor air so that the construction dust doesn’t resettle after doing the cleaning.  So the first step is to have our HEPA 500 air scrubbers brought in and installed during the cleaning, and left for 48 hours after the clean-up.

An air scrubber is a negative air HEPA filtration unit that is commercially rated and has an incredible air flow and filtration rate. For example our HEPA 500 moves over 500 cubic feet of air per minute through its 3 stage HEPA filtration.  This will remove all of the airborne particles and dust so that it will not return.  Absolutely essential in a post construction cleaning.

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In most cases clients will ask for a deep clean, which is a very thorough cleaning where in which appliances are pulled out, walls, door frames, baseboards are washed. Windows and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized along with floors and hard surfaces.

Carpet Expertise with Ottawa Home Services Group

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As well as a deep cleaning, many clients also ask to have their carpets and upholstery cleaned by our expert carpet cleaning crew.  It is a very good step in returning your home as well as the indoor air quality to the pre-construction state.

Don’t forget duct cleaning!

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Having your air ducts cleaned is a very popular request as your HVAC system will be constantly pumping the dust filled air throughout your home. Our indoor air quality specialist will be on hand during the duct cleaning and can also provide additional information on any other steps you can take in to improve your indoor air quality as well as the overall air circulation in your home.

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