Eco-Filter. The World’s Best Furnace Filter.

Introducing the Eco-Filter, the world’s best washable furnace filter.

Eco-filter is proudly made in Canada and is by far the best quality furnace filter on the Market today. With superior filtration to a 3M furnace filter with greater airflow, the Eco-Filter has no rivals.

One of the most important features that sets the Eco-Filter apart from its rivals is that it is washable and reusable, and is guaranteed for 25 years of service. What this means is you will never have to buy another furnace filter again.

By not having to keep buying new filters you avoid adding cardboard to landfill sites and natural resources by cutting down trees, and you save money! Lots of it. By purchasing an Eco-filter you are not spending 30 dollars every 3 months on a high-quality filter.


Another amazing feature of the Eco-Filter is its built-in “Air Alarm Whistle”. This device alerts homeowners when it is time to wash their Eco-Filter by creating a high pitch whistle that cannot be ignored.

This is a great thing for individuals that don’t change their furnace filters on a regular basis. It forces you to form good habits for regular maintenance; this, in turn, will ensure excellent service from your Eco-Filter as well as your HVAC system will remain in tip-top condition.

For more information about the Eco-Filter or to purchase one please call us directly at 613-276-8667